Coach TashaNichole

I'm Natasha Washington

Business & Mindset Coach

I help women entrepreneurs who struggle with charging their worth, get past the imposter syndrome, break habits that holds them stagnant in their career and life. I help them ditch this piss poor thinking that they are not good enough.

I grew up with some of these same beliefs. It was when I decided in my mind that I was worth more. The daily mantra to decide how I was going to live my life pushed me past any boundaries that hold me stagnant. I became a certified life, business, and mindset coach to teach other women that they are powerful and that everything they need to win in life and business is already inside of them. I also hold certifications in spiritual , shamanic, goal success, and cognitive behavior coaching.

I am on a mission to enlighten and empower every woman that comes into my programs to skyrocket past anything holding them back, even if its their very own mind that holds them back!

Unlock Your Full Potential. Start Changing Your Mind Today.

Many Entrepreneurs and people in business can feel frustrated and stressed as a result of the enormous load on their shoulders in trying to move their businesses to the next level.

Business Mindset Coaching assists you in not just being focused and motivated, but also supports you, encourages you, and helps keep you accountable.

  • Business mindset coaching is all about you
  • There is no set program that you will be placed in, your coaching is tailored to meet your needs.
  • We will work together to eradicate those limiting beliefs
  • I will help keep you accountable to the goals you set for your life and business.

Goal Setting Coaching

Break through limitations. Gain the skills to persuade, inspire, and connect with others.

Relationship Coaching

Get clear on purpose. Focus on the goals and outcomes that will improve your relationships

Mindset Coaching

Tap into courage, strength, passion, and confidence to overcome any challenge or unexpected change that life throws at you.

Business Coaching

Rewire the beliefs that are holding you back and step out if your comfort zone to increase sales and profit

What Is Business & Mindset Coaching?

Coaching is about conversations. It's not advice and it's not "telling" you what to do. It is however about discovering and uncovering resources and possibilities. Finding and trying out different approaches and ways of thinking that can be of benefit to you and help you make the progress you want.

I can help you no matter if you are a new start, up entrepreneur or established business professional who already has a smooth and running business, great personal life, with great employees.

There are times when we all don't do what we say. We "drift" and are "busy" doing nothing, usually going nowhere. I help to keep people accountable by checking in with during the week to see how their week is progressing and developing. Helping keep things continually moving forward, as well as support and coaching them through challenges.

This is NOT just your average business mindset coaching AND it is not based on some secret formula to make you create 6 figures in 7 days

  • I will help you grow, develop, and manage your emotions, motivations, productivity, drive, self care, and mental well being
  • Your personal program will be aligned to fit your goals and desired outcomes. The first step is recognizing what is and isn’t working, and the resources needed to continue your momentum and grow your career while finding a balance that works
  • I will help you identify and clarify what you want. Build your leadership mindset to create impactful calls to actions and improved communication, networking and collaborations
  • Together we will tear down limiting beliefs that is stopping your growth. Accountability, support and mindset shifts toward positive outcomes
  • Create actionable plans that move past the stagnation, self-doubt to overcome setbacks, maintain focus and create higher levels of success and self-confidence

Each one-on-one coaching engagement will focus on specific areas depending on the individual goals and needs of the participant. One of the first steps in coaching is to determine specific goals / focus areas of the client.

When working with clients, typical areas of concentration include:

Personal productivity, producing more in less time or with less effort

Improve Business Results

Better time management

Improved goal setting, action-planning, and implementation

Maximizing the 80/20 Rule to produce better business results

Identification and focus on high payoff activities.

Improved delegation / management / empowerment of co-workers

Improved relationships

Development of specific client/prospect strategies.

Improving energy levels.

Improving life balance by achieving goals in all important areas of life.

Identifying the Imposter Syndrome and overcoming it

Success is a team sport, and a professional coach is an invaluable member of your success team. In fact, if you look at the world of sports, you would be hard-pressed to find a championship team that has been successful without a coaching system. The same is true for your organization. If you truly want to reach the highest levels of profit and fulfillment, then hiring a coach may be your next step.

A minimum 6-month commitment is required for the master coaching process. This allows the coaching relationship to develop and be powerful. After the initial period, the coaching can continue on a month-to-month basis or whatever we determine best suits your needs & goals.

If you are ready to lead the career and life you deserve with confidence and the right mindset then this is the start of the best to come.


“Wow is the word coach got it going on she is not your ordinary coach she is about her business she knows her stuff and she will let you know straight up what you need to do and what you doing wrong to restore or build your credit and how to budget your finances get with her she will never steer you wrong.”

“Natasha is a no holds bar kind of coach! If you're not ready for the real and ready to work, don’t waste her time. If you are looking to elevate your business to the next level, Coach TashaNichole is the one! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”

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